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Sex for Fish

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sex for fish

„Sex for Fish“ Is a practice within some Kenyan fishing communities in which young female fish sellers develop sexual relationships with fishermen and middlemen in exchange for fish is exposing a new generation to HIV. According to statistics from the United Nation‘s Food and Agriculture Organization, HIV prevalence among Kenyans in the fishing industry was 30.5% in 2006.
IRIN reports that the practice, known as jaboya, often is the only way for fish traders to make a living. In addition, competition for a „catch that is often less than plentiful means offering their own bodies is no longer enough, so desperate traders have now resorted to making available their younger“ female relatives – many of whom are younger than age 18 according to IRIN.

Voting for Change – Presidential Elections Kenya

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After the bloody riots, with over a thousand dead and hundreds of thousands displaced during the Kenya presidential elections in 2008, the whole country is waiting spellbound at the output of this year’s elections. Ethnic unrest with hundreds of dead in the Tana-River-District, as well as the chaotic incidents during the nomination of presidential candidates about two weeks ago, have further strengthened the fear of a new outbreak of violence. The portrait and interview series: “Voting for Change” was created in 2013 in Kenya and sheds light on the fears, hopes and expectations of the people in Kenya just before the election.

Documentary Photography Sponsorship Award 09

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“We are delighted that our photographer Till Muellenmeister, as well as winning a VG Bild stipend, has also won a sponsorship award for documentary photography from the Wuestenrot Foundation.”

This year’s award ceremony will take place on the evening of 23 November, 2011, at the art museum in Bochum. Afterwards, the exhibition will open showcasing the works of last year’s winners.

In his project ‘People in Crisis’ Till Muellenmeister, who studied at Bielefeld’s University of Applied Sciences, focuses on the way people in Africa have been forced to leave their homes due to natural disasters or social and political conflicts. He is especially interested in the question of how the homeless and those who have been up-rooted come to terms with their new living conditions. The project uses films and photographs that record moments in the developing events and situations (Ulrich Pohlmann).

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